• Phoenix Rebirth

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    Phoenix Rebirth Country Scents, Phoenix Rebirth Country Suds, and Phoenix Rebirth Designs.

  • Phoenix Rebirth Country Scents

    Country Scents Candles, Warmers, and Stuffed CountryKinz!

    Country Scent Candles

    Country Scents Candles are made right here in the USA – Kentucky! Our products are non-toxic, made with NO chemicals, additives, colorings or lead! Our products burn cleaner than other wax products and 50% longer because they are 100% NATURAL – made with 100% soy wax and cotton wick. Soy wax is healthier than other waxes because it produces less soot along with many other benefits; so smell about and stay a spell!

    Country Scents just makes SENSE!

  • Country Suds

    Lotions, Soaps, and fun!

    Soaps and Suds

    Cruelty Free


  • Phoenix Rebirth Designs

    Phoenix Rebirth Designs was created early 2016 with one goal in mind, provide high quality graphics at a decent price.